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Nine of the coolest hats in videogame history.  Buy this shirt and you’ll keep your body warm and your virginity intact all at the same time!



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In the third part of this new series, we present the BentProp Project, a California- based effort that has been searching for the long-lost bodies of tens of thousands of fallen American soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen who never came home from World War II, their remains lost in dense jungles, in hidden caves, in downed warplanes under several fathoms of seawater, and in other nearly inaccessible areas seldom seen by humans.

In the remote island of Palau — 1,000 miles south of Guam — the bloody 1944 Battle of Peleliu saw 73 missing in action from the Marines alone.

Now documentarians Jennifer Powers and Dan O’Brien are following up with a companion coffee-table book called Lost in Palau to raise awareness of the BentProp work. They’re attempting to collect $36,000 to fund the book through

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